December 28, 2005

Beware of this Fucker

Look out for this feller. His name is Steve Bennett, from Orpington. He is a premier league referee. He is a damn fierce feller.


You take one look at his face and you know he is a pukimak. Even his face looks like cibai. Old Chow Kit cibai. Even the name of his hometown sounds like some sort of sohai place.

Budden this feller is osso very damn fierce. Steve Bennett has refereed 15 games this season, and has flashed a card 67 times (61 yellow, 6 red). That's an average of more than 4 cards per game. Every game for sure somebody will kena flash from Steve Bennett. Here's another statistic for you: for the past 4 EPL matches that this kayu ref has looked after, one person has been flashed the red card. In every game. Luis Boa Morte, Chris Riggott, Nico Vaesen & Danny Murphy have all been flashed the red by Steve Bennett for the past four weekends.

You could say Steve Bennett is a flasher.

Better hope he's not the referee of your team's next game. Like I said before, the holiday fixtures are crucial.



Crouchy said...

I bet Chelski will be playing with 8 or 9 players if this mr Bennet took control of the Arse-Chelski game.... alamakkk.. maybe aku pun kena kad merah sebab aku tolak bowyer ari tu.. ermmm .

Boss Stewie said...

u really really hate this guy

Tenacious T said...

You're probably right... Steve Bennett is a flasher. LOL!

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