January 14, 2006

Get Your Own Freakin' Russianagese Scouts!!!

So after what feels like light years, we finally inked the deal for not one, but TWO players!... Albeit unproven, but we Gooners have gotten used to that.

We've signed a 19 year old called Diaby from Auxerre and a lanky striker Adebayor from Monaco. And as most of you know, we're supposedly on the verge of signing 16 year old Theo Walcott from Southampton.

But what's up with Chelsea trying to hijack our deals man? First it was Wright-Phillips, then Diaby and now Walcott also they want to potong line? All the friggin money in the world and they can't afford to hire decent scouts? So instead, they outsource their future signings to Arsene Wenger and his scouts. Save time rite? Hell, even Man U felt the brunt of Chelsea's all conquering cash, with the Jon Obi Mikel deal. (BTW, has that been settled yet?)

Well can't really blame them lah. I mean, Arsene's track record with uncovering unknowns/unprovens at rock-bottom prices is second to none. Anelka, Vieira, Petit, Ljungberg, Clichy and arguably Henry falls in this category. Jose tried to do the same with Kezman at £4m but how did he fair? Two words - HAR HAR! Was that a million pounds for each goal he scored?

But having said that, the whole SWP saga may have somewhat opened the eyes of young players seeking a move to the premiership. A high potential future England regular is now a £24m bench warmer at the Bridge. No wonder Walcott prefers Arsenal over Chelsea.

By the way, quote of the year comes from Auxerre vice-president Gerard Bourgoin who said "The choice belonged to Diaby. But Arsene Wenger was better than Jose Mourinho, that's all."

'Nuff said.

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