January 24, 2006

We're still gonna win the war....

As they did against Chelsea, Manchester United have nicked a fortunate win against a superior team. Short-term elation for them, but for the long haul, Liverpool look a better bet to finish second come the end of the season.
- The Times

Now before anyone says that this is just another sour grapes Liverpool rant, and that the British press are bias against Manure, well, let it be known that this IS what I thought of the game on Sunday, and that I STILL think we're gonna finish above Manure this season.

As Tigerjoe would say: PFFFFBT!!!!!

Anyway, go to this blog here: Verdict from the Press - ManUSA v Liverpool and see what most (supposedly bias) observers had to say about the game.

Thanks to the guys at Unforseeable for the summary of the reports!


PS: Oh, and this quip from Soccernet's Team of the Week cracked me up:

Alex Ferguson: 'He is 6ft 4in, has a big head and great spring, so there is no reason why he shouldn't get more goals.'

Ferdinand? A big head?

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