January 09, 2006

Who gives a shit?

But of course..........it's a draw. Come to think about it, do I give a shit?

No. I watched the game and read all the match reports. Ok, never mind about the FUCKING BIASED match reports that never did mention the pitch was unplayable and that we fielded kids. I don't think any Manyoo fan who watched the game could have been pissed with the result.


1) Interesting to see our kids play. Haven't seen that in a long time.

2) In central midfield was Ritchie Jones and John O Shea. Ritchie Jones. Who the fuck is Ritchie Jones? Never mind you stupid scousers out there....even I'll admit I've never heard of him. And no, he's not a Burton Albion (was that who we played? I don't even remember) player.

3) Solskjaer started his first game for us in TWO years.

4) Up front was Saha, who had a pretty awesome game, and Guiseppe Rossi who is tearing up the youth league defence but is no where near complete material.

5) At the back, Bardsley produced an awesome performance. A long term replacement for Gary Neville, this bloke this. Pique had his nervous moments but came out pretty alright as well.

6) The pitch was fucked up. Now, before any of you armchair supporters ride off this matter, go and catch the replay. Manyoo's style of play was unrecognisable. There wasn't any dribbling or short nice passes. The pitch didn't allow it. Heck in fact, if nobody told you that Manyoo was playing, you would have thought that Liverpool was playing. Step 1 : Win the ball in midfield. Step 2 : Lump the ball up front. Step 3 : Striker chase the ball.

7) Shut the fuck up about clearance off the lines. Those two clearances were from CORNERS. In corners you are bound to lose headers....that's why you have a goddamn defender standing on the line. That's good defence.

8) We'll pound them at Old Trafford. Who cares about the extra game to play. It's not as if we have busy fixtures.

9) Those Burton dudes did Jack Shite in the second half. They won the ball and hoofed it up even with nobody up there. They packed their box with no less than 7 players at one time, therefore ruling out any shot from distance. This also reminded me of Liverpool vs Barcelona in that Mickey Mouse European Cup a few years ago.

10) Chelsea and Liverpool had scares over the weekend. More embarassingly in fact, they all CONCEDED (none more than Liverpool who's press fabled INVINCIBLE FIRST TEAM DEFENCE - minus the keeper - leaked in THREE goals). Besides, we didn't even need a deflection to equalise.

In fact, I am looking forward to the replay. No, we won't trash them. I think Fergie will field a slightly stronger team, but I think we will still see some kids starting. If you want to laugh, wait for us to lose that game.

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