January 02, 2006

interesting survey

Taken from www.football365.com

After I saw that and started laughing, I then started thinking.....only 9/100 people are Chelsea fans! NINE PERCENT?!?! That's a ridiculously low figure for a team that is doing so well. You would expect all the glory hunters to pounce. Heck, even a shitty team like Liverpool have more fans than that when the have people as ugly as Riise and Gerrard.

Anybody care to humour me?


Anonymous said...

we're just one club. ManUre still have the biggest fan base in the world. If each ManUre Lalang were to pick the 300m answer, of course you would get such a lopsided poll. Then again, if you add the number of fans from the remaining 19 clubs in EPL, and the fans of the hundreds of clubs in Europe who hate Chelsea ... 9% is a majorly big figure.


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe because before they were doing well (and had all the cash in the world), it was "Chelsea who again?". So I believe that the number of recent fans would not exceed the amount loyal fan base of other football clubs that have been built many many many years ago. Unless they reside in England and have been supporting Chelsea since they knew what football was (and it's the first and only club they've ever supported), I would like to assume that they only started supporting Chelsea WHEN the Big R-A with the $$$ came to the rescue.

But I am curious...Tigerjoe oh Tigerjoe..tell us your story about how you came about being a Chelsea fan?

lishun said...

maybe cuz crespo and drogba are uglier. hmm. =P

Unknown said...

budden hor, Mancs and Scousers are notorious for voting 10 or 20 times each on the same online poll... kinda like a bit jakun with polls so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Oklah...if lets say they really were notoriously jakun...then where's the fan spirit in defending your club against such biasness...I mean..come forth you Chelsea fans and cast 20 votes a day!!! =P Ok, maybe you'd say, Chelsea fans malas nak layan all this crap. Then isn't this an indication that the fans lack the passion for the club but all they do is go around talking big about their wins (without real passion for the team)? If so, then my assumption would be true that the high rising numbers of Chelsea fans around the world are caused by the recent wins and the amount of $$$ the club has. If it weren't for that, it'll be "Chelsea who again?". So the pole isn't biased after all ;)

Unknown said...

A question that asks whether Chelsea's superiority is due to team spirit or 300 million pounds was obviously a poll authored by a Chelsea-Hater. Most likely a gooner, whose club don't really have any money to spare for the January transfer window.


No need to layan jeles people mah.

Anonymous said...

"Most likely a gooner, whose club don't really have any money to spare for the January transfer window"

Chelsea fans like you *ahemz* (pfft..) should stop stepping on how other clubs do not have enough money (more like, as much money as Chelsea currently) to buy players. I mean at least we don't put good players sitting on the bench almost 1/2 the season to collect dust. Bear in mind that without Roman Abramovich, Chelsea would be nowhere near the top cept of course, unless there's team spirit such as the ones shown by Wigan (and other clubs) but well, like the poll said...9% team spirit...91% 300m ;)

And I doubt Gooners would want to waste their time authoring a poll like this (especially on Chelsea) as we have better things to do like figure out the best way to straighten up our midfield =)

Anonymous said...

that argument is so bloody old. It's always "Chelsea got the 300mil" argument whenever arse/livs/manures fail to "live up to expectations"... by bringing others down instead of looking at their own inadequencies. ... Wenger symdrome!!

1) How much money had ManUre/Liv spent over the years prior to Roman takeover? Who spent 30mil on an over-rated defender? Who spent 11mil on a Senegalese who had just scored against them? ... And why the hell nobody pointed fingers at Real Madrid when they bought their galacticos? Who bought the League? The only difference is that we spent the money at the same time.

2) As for fans ... have you ever considered how ManUre became such a global brand/big club? How many people instantly became ManUre fans once they started winning the league over and over again? How many Lalangs around the world? Do you not agree that winning --> exposure --> more fans --> more money ?

3) Arsenal would have spent money on players had they not dumped 300mil POUNDS into Cash-burton Grove!!!

4) the real Chelsea fans will not be bothered to vote on those silly polls. waste of time.

5) And as for supporting Chelsea ... I think those here have already said it was during Gullit era ... that's Pre-Roman time! We had already performed better under Vialli/ranieri than Liverpool before the club was purchased by Roman!