August 17, 2006

Why footballers don't return calls

Rio Ferdinand - I have to pee

Rooney - I will be away for the next 3 matches

Beckham: I have to go for my manicure and pedicure

Gary Neville: I have to polish Sir's car

Christina: I need to cry first

Pennant: I'm thirsty

Bellamy: My fist is sore

Fowler: I'm buying another 10 houses

Alan Shearer: I have to go develop a personality

Ashley Cole: I'm busy packing

The one whose name I'm not allowed to mention here: I'm on a long MC

Fergie: I'm too angry to talk

Wenger: I can't see your number

Moanrinho: What you talking about ? I'm the Special One. I don't call anyone. You call me!

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