August 17, 2006

One Sunny afternoon in Madrid

John Terry - Harlo! Who that ah? Posh Spice ah? David there or not?

Posh Spice - (fake Spanish accent) er, hello. David? let me check if he's still crying alone in the corner.

John - It's ok. i'll wait... la di da...

(Posh Spice can be heard shouting something about 'Tom & Jerry on the phone')

David Beckham - *sniff, sniff* 'Ello?

John - WAH! You got see the match or not?! We won FOUR JILO ah! I got score one ar!!! Some i CAPTAIN, you know...

David - *mumble, mumble, KNNCCB, sniff*

John - I TELL YOU ah, so beautiful my goal ah? You got TIVO the match or not?! Some more we play so good ah, you didn't play also very good...blah...blah...

David - *gripe, gripe, go-and-die-la-mcClaren-and-you, mumble, sniff*

John - Some more ah Greece EUROPEAN Champions ah, blah blah

David - *CLICK* (hangs up) *swears some more using the 4 Spanish swear words he knows*

****** (FIVE MINUTES LATER) *******

Posh Spice - DAVID, honey, are you still hiding under Brooklyn's bed sucking your thumb? Some bloke named Bitter Couch is on the phone...!

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