August 24, 2006

thanking you in anticipation

You know you are a stupid/modest/goddamn right idiot when you...

1) Buy a stupid shitty club just because they have a sentimental value to you.

2) Install yourself as manager when it is apparent that you are jack rubbish at it from the start.

3) Announce that you will sack yourself if going gets tough.

4) Do exactly that when you lose 5 games on the trot, one of which was againt the lowest positioned club in the entire professional league.

5) Try to install a man with no prior managerial experience as manager - a man who called you a muppet and a coward in front of your team mates just before the biggest tournament of your life was about to start, just because you were in fact a muppet and a coward for not supporting him - the same man who snubbed your testimonial because he was 'injured'.

Still, I would like to thank you, Mr Niall Quinn for grooming the one, the only KEANO to be the next Manyoo manager when Fergie retires after winning the league at the end of the season.

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