August 09, 2006

Insert cliched "Cesc-sational / Fabre-lous" headline here

Finally, we've (or at least I have) gotten my diet of proper football on telly... Unlike the farce that is the latter stages of WC2006...

It was a welcome sight to see the scoreline of ZAGREB 0 ARSENAL 3 at the end of 90 minutes at 5 in the morning (Still steady come in work on time ok. All that practise during the World Cup has paid off!).

A few observations from the match: -

1) Bergkamp who? - We have Van Persie!!
2) Adebayor has the touch of two Michael Owens... Make that two Michael Owen left legs...
3) Fabregas has added strength and pace to his game.
4) Campbell who? - Djorou is going to be a class act!!
5) Ashley who? - ... Ashley is the money grubbing prick, that's who.
6) No Jose in sight, so he's definitely leaving... And potentially, future observations may include "Reyes who? - Rosicky/Ribery Rocks!!"
7) ... Fair enough, Rosicky had a low key debut... He tends to drift to the middle, but hopefully this will be sorted out soon enough...

We controlled the game last night, without really pushing hard. Our new No. 4 bossed the midfield like our old No.4 did, but made the runs and shots that the old one never did! Two well-taken Fabregas goals in between a typical dodgy eastern European 'keeper mistake and we've got one foot in the Champs League...

... And the best part... We haven't even qualified for it and we're ranked higher than that "other London team"! HAH!!!

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