August 28, 2006

Another Weekend, Another Comeback...

SOMEONE SMSed me in the middle of the Liverpool West Ham match to say:

Scousers lurve 2 cum fr behind, eh?

To which I replied:

Well, it's better than letting others cum from behind...

Anyway, it was a good win. Even if we had to come back from a (freak) goal down. Agger's goal was brilliant; Crouch's goal was ... er... surprising; Kuyt's debut was great - he looked VERY sharp and dangerous. But it's his first game and he didn't score, so we'll see. After all, guys like Diouf scored in THEIR first games and look where THEY ended up...

Anyway, I'm liking the new signings so far. Bellamy is making the front line look dangerous for once, Gonzales and Pennant are doing a much better job down the wings, and Aurelio has been consistent so far.

Anyway, a bad weekend for the Gooners (First Aston Villa, now Man City???) and the Toons (told you Karma's a woman, Anttyk) And godammit, Watford should have at least gotten a draw. Bah. I hate Giggs.

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