August 07, 2006

Suckers United, Part 2

Michael Carrick.

18.6 million pounds from Tottenham Hotspur (who made an almost 16 million pound profit.)

Injured within 14 minutes of his second game for Suckers United.


On only his second appearance for the club since completing an £18.6million move from Tottenham, Carrick lasted just 14 minutes before being helped off after sustaining what seemed to be an injury to his left ankle.

Manure is really getting a head start on everyone in terms of red cards and injuries huh?

Not only that, they're already beating Chelsea!

Red Devils kick out the Blues

It was a rare victory for Manchester United over Chelsea when the Tourism Ministry dumped the Blues to sign a sponsorship deal with the Red Devils.

I like the 'rare victory' in the paragraph. Good touch, that. hehe.

so, apparently the Minister of Tourism (who CLAIMS to be a Gooner), wants to 'ride on MU's popularity to promote Malaysia'.

Well, there goes our tourism industry then....

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