August 11, 2006

A Man Utd fan's pride

I'm proud to be a fan of the great Manchester United.

Yeah, so we did not really get it up to mark the past few seasons and all, but hey, no one is going to deny we have a really colourful history. Say all you want, but we are still the ONLY English club with the exclusive Treble.

What's that LiverPoo scums? No no no, stop lying to yourselves. This is the REAL Treble I'm talking about.

Yeah, most of you only wish you could have felt the joyous sensation we United fans felt seeing the drama and history our great club had achived winning the Treble within 10 days in the 1998-1999 season.

Yeah I could go on and on and on about how much we have achieved and so on but I really don't want to make other rival fans cry. I'll leave that to another day.

It's just that I find it amusing that while Man Utd fans in general couldn't care less about the performance and players of other teams, many of the other rival teams' fans like to write stuff against the great Man Utd. Well, to be honest, I don't mind that they do because it just means many people apart from the great Man Utd fans care about the club I respect. Why talk about another club unless you admire them too right? It's all about pride people. Pride.

So I sit back, relax, and let the other people talk about my club. After all, publicity is still publicity. :)

I end this prideful post with a quote;

Sir Matt Busby : Manchester is my Heaven.

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