August 20, 2006

The Scouse Scum's Humble Pie Diet


I am forecasting a trend that some people will only come to their senses when LiverPoo drops points (a.k.a. fail to win). Thus, I am recommending them a new Diet to follow. I recommend the rest of you Scouse Scum try it too.

A piece of Roti Malu with Kari Overrated
A hot cup of Teh Reality with Ginger Spice
3 slices of Humble Pie

Nasi PadanMuka with generous servings of Ayam-ayam Tidak Berkepala.
Tear Juice with extra Biji Bangang
3 slices of Humble Pie

Mee Frust tambah Telur Mata-Mata Hilang
Ais Limau Kayu Kau-Kau
3 slices of Humble Pie

Of course, the main part of the diet involves slices of Humble Pie. Lots and lots of Humble Pie.


Trust me Scouse Scums, take this diet everyday till May next year and you can be the football equivalent of this guy;

...and that team would be none other than....


p.s. No! I am NOT delusional. :p

Secret Note: [you can only read this if you ...err...highlight this part of the text. Heheh!]

Humble Pie is good for Scousers' health. So go on, make that bulk order today!

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