August 02, 2006

pre-season liverpool bash #1

Alritey folks.

Let it be known that Vincent is back and ready to take the piss at usual.

The 'bash' in the title doesn't mean the party kinda bash. It is more of the 'let's take a sledgehammer to your head' kinda bash. Since it is well known that there are loads of glory hunters around (Liverpool ones of course), and most of the kids on this blog are Liverpool fans (judging on TigerJoe's Green Fanta allocation and Manyoo flamers) - I thought it would be fitting to start of the bash in that direction.

Jermaine Pennant on joining Liverpool: (link)

"I've dreamt about this since I was a little boy so to actually be here and to be able to wear a Liverpool shirt and play at Anfield is a dream come true. I'm over the moon."

Jermaine Pennant on that night in Istanbul where Andriy Shevchenko cemented his reputation as an overhyped cow trash: (note the term 'we') (link)

"When we went 3-0 down I just went back to my room feeling really disappointed. A bit later I put the match on again and saw it was 3-3. I couldn't believe it and started jumping all over the bed"

There. There.

Is that how you spell G-L-O-R-Y H-U-N-T-E-R??

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