August 20, 2006

My Darling Liverpool.

Oi. Pakcik-pakcik semua.

You KNOW I love you all. You KNOW I support you regardless. You KNOW I think you are like just *awesome*.

But .. even though it *is* the first game of the season, and it *is* an away game, and it *is* Sheffield United,

and even though I *also* know that Carragher and Riise got injured,

Still ....

There's no good reason to:

a) pass like shit.
b) try to score like shit.
c) run and then FALL OVER YOURSELVES FOR NO GOOD REASON like shit.

What? Did someone put MANUre in your food/drinks or something ah?

Anyways, moving on .... I heard from Jeff Ooi's litte bird today that some Chelsea fan is claiming that the penalty kick awarded to Liverpool was 'dubious'.

I say: Click here.

Enough said.

Toodles. Now everyone can resume chanting the mantra.

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