August 31, 2006

be patriotic. support Malaysia!

I know we haven't been performing well in recent times.

I know our lack of success can be frustrating to us all.

I know some of our players haven't quite got the spirit to wear our jersey.

I know the top management is kind of fucked up and we don't quite like them - what the hell do they know about football??

I know that some of the kids playing for us these days can't fill the boots of the legends of the past.

Still, we should all be fans. Proper fans. We should support the team through thick and thin. If we supported the team when they were on a high, why can't we support them when they are in the pits? Are we really glory hunters?

This Merdeka Day, I appeal to all you Malaysians out there. Show some sense of patriotism..

Our team needs you.

Do the right thing...

Support Manchester United...

(and Malaysia too, of course!)

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