May 17, 2006

Why Vincent Hates Liverpool

We all know Vincent hates Liverpool. But while we all think it's because of one of these reasons:
  • Our so-called 'Mickey Mouse club' won the Champion's League Trophy, but his 'champion's club' won the Mickey Mouse Trophy
  • We get free beer, but Manure gets American insurance.
  • Some guy from Liverpool stole his tyres
I know the REAL reason why he hates Liverpool. It's because while there seems to be a lot of Liverpool fans in this blog, he is the ONLY Man Utd supporter, and he's feeling lonely.

Here's how I found out, thru MSN, while he was complaining about Liverpool winning The-Other-Cup-That-Is-Not-The-Mickey-Mouse-Cup:

Vincent: there are toooo many liverpool supporters out there
eyeris : don't be bitter just because all your fellow 'man U fans' are now Chelsea fans....
Vincent: well at least i dont know any manyoo fan who wud cheer for the pool
eyeris : because they're all cheering for chelsea....
Vincent: hahah...ok fine
Vincent: u stupefied me

So guys, don't hate Vincent ok? He's just sad and lonely.... Give him a hug for me will ya, while I go steal his hubcaps?

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