May 19, 2006

HB supports the local footballing scene

Being the patriotic Malaysians that we are, we have decided to do a HB gathering thingy to go watch our favourity Shebby Singh's MYTEAM take on our Malaysian team. World Cup is starting and since we can't cheer for our national team in the World Cup, we can cheer for them against a bunch of kids.

We will soon kick off our World Cup posts, but just a note worth mentioning - the HeadHantus are NOT England fans. I, for one, hate any English National Sporting Team with a passion. England fans can expect a bashing.

As usual, leave a comment in the comments box and we will furnish you with details.



BTW, I also have an announcement to make... Hantu Bola has a new EMAIL ADDRESS!

Ok, so it's about time we got a proper email instead of all the emails going into MY email instead, but hey, better later than never huh?

So, in future, if you have any complaints, suggestions or just wanna tell the Head Hantu's that we're KAYU in private, email them to:

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