May 11, 2006

Freddy Shepherd is a GIT

"This was one of the biggest jobs in world football and that we had a long list of high calibre and exciting candidates lining up hoping to get the job." - Fat Freddy

Cheebye. All that big talk and see what happens? What a farce. As nice as Roeder is, he is not the one for the job.
  • In 2001, the Hammers sacked Redknapp.
  • After a huge hoohah, they appointed the man in charge of the youth set-up there. His name? Mr Roeder lah.
  • In his first season in charge, the Hammers finished 7th.
  • They were relegated the season after. That team included Paolo DiCanio, Joe Cole, Jermaine Defoe, Michael Carrick, David James, Freddie Kanoute, Trevor Sinclair.
Er... Sounds so damn familiar. If history repeats itself, we're fucked. And it's all Fat Freddy's fault. I hope there would be a surprise on Monday. Sigh. But I guess that's just clutching at straws.

One final point. Caretaker managers 'overachieve' on a regular basis.

Remember this dude? What's he doing now? Hmm?

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