May 18, 2006

kesian the gooners?

Amidst the emo-ness from gooners and pseudo gooners after last night's Champions' League Final, I would just like to point out a few things to youse:

  1. Lehmann was last man when he brought down Eto'o.
  2. Eboue dove to get the freekick which Campbell scored from.
  3. Henry wasted scoring chances as if he was a Liverpool striker.
I do agree, however, that the ref was KAYU. He should have let Giuly's goal stand instead of calling for the foul. Then I might have had a chance to collect on my bet. Fook.

Here's the quote of the final:

"No disrespect to Barcelona, I feel we played better than them when it was 11 against 11. We can be proud." - Arsene Wenger
Does the quote sound familiar though? I could have sworn I read and heard gooners and scousers alike pound Jose Mourinho when he said exactly the same thing; the last time we played Barca with a man short and lost 2-1.

Hugs to the gooners? Bleh. I call this karma.


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