May 25, 2006

Malaysian Stadium Pre-game Rituals

Tigerjoe's earlier comments on this post had triggered a few fond memories from the past, with regards to Malaysian Stadiums (Note: - I find it funny that plural of "stadium" is "stadia" so I'll stick with Stadiums)

We used to get there around 6 o clock for cup finals and we would have been bored stiff had it not been for the pre-game "entertainment". Here are some of the things that went on before kick-off: -

1. Paper plane contest - Anything from newspapers to flyers were folded and tossed out towards the athletics track. Those that soar closest to the field were usually greeted with collected cheers from the crowd. By kickoff time, the track is 70% covered with paper planes.

2. In a related (but very different) contest to the above, I've once seen two blown-up condoms floating towards the track. I don't know who suffered more - The person whose head was greeted by a condom balloon or the person who blew it.

3. Hot chick spotting - Prior to kick off, the cheeky cameramen would zoom in on any hot (Note: - Sometimes hot with inverted commas) chick they can find. This will be subsequently greeted by hooting cat calls of approval by the majority male fans.

4. In a related activity as above, worthy chicks walking along the stadium aisle not spotted by the cameramen will also be given "special" attention by male fans. Skay can attest to this (cheh bangga).

5. Mexican wave - This probably happens in most stadiums around the world, but I doubt that any non-participating section would be derided with shouts of "Oi balik lah oi!!" in other countries.

6. Honk the Horn Contest - There's cheap-looking contraption that costs around RM5 that is made out of a torn up balloon and parts of a garden hose, that when blown at one end will produce an annoying blaring sound that you probably have heard on TV drowning out Hasbullah Awang's commentary (which may be a good thing come to think of it). Prior to kick, bored fans will out-honk each other with renditions of "blaaa blaaa bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla, BLA BLA"... Come on you know that tune you know you do...

7. Pelt-the-FRU-with-Coke Cup Contest - Ok this doesn't happen on account that FRU personnel are not one to mess around with.

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