May 24, 2006

Cancel the World Cup!

Cancel the World Cup, people! There's no need for a tournament already! Why? Because England has already WON IT!!!!

England victory parade planned for July 11

For heavens sake, if they want it THAT bad, just give them the CUP and we can have ANOTHER tournament, the WORLD BOWL or something.

Footnote by Vincent:

Besides, there are other more pressing matters than the World Cup. Like, MyTEAM vs Malaysia this Sunday in Bukit Jalil. We would like to confirm that there would be a gathering. Eyeris and I would definately be there.

Now, Bukit Jalil is a freaking huge stadium, and I can't say I am familiar with the place, so the plan is to give us a buzz when you get there. Now, you obviously don't know our phone numbers and we are not about to publish it here, so please drop us a line to confirm you would be coming and I would email you the contact details. Eyeris and I would be there about 730-8pm after dinner because the only food you would get at the stadium would be Ramly Burger.

Alternatively, you could go at 6-something to watch Mawi and then we would catch up with you. Confirmation is important so we can 'chup' some seats for you, since this isn't Souled Out where we can just pull a few chairs from another table.

Finally, if you guys don't want to drop us an email and just feel like popping by, well, then just look out for the HUGE HANTUBOLA BANNER hanging from (I think) the second tier where we would be sitting.

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