May 29, 2006

Deplorable Malaysian Football?

I watched the game yesterday from the comfort of my house on my couch because everybody stood me up, which resulted in me not being able to appear on TV with my kick-ass banner.

I actually have some very valid questions that keep bugging me. During the build up to the game right up to during the game itself, and after the game, a shit load of people have been supporting MyTeam (how else can you justify the multitudes of idiots who insist that MyTEAM deserved a victory??). Maybe it's just me, but anytime I see my national team playing - 1st team or not, there is no way I will support any other team. If I cheered for them against Brazil and Manchester United, why the fuck should I cheer a bunch of amateur wannabes playing against MY national team?

Of course a lot of people say that they want MyTeam to win so that some higher powers would wake up and realise that Malaysian football is in a deplorable state. However, that statement is actually quite fucking ignorant because EVERYBODY KNOWS THE STATE OF OUR FOOTBALL. The FAM is well aware and so is the Sports Ministry. That is why they keep revamping the national league (again for next season). And this wasn't recently. Anybody remember the Olympic 2000 team? Anybody remember the entire under-23 squad being promoted to the first team?

You can argue that the higher powers are a bit slow in the head, and you can critisize them for doing wrong things, but you certainly CANNOT critisize them for not realising and not doing anything for the betterment of football in this country.

What I can critisize, though, is the number of people who hate the national team because of the state they are in now. We complain that they play shitty football...low quality football, but when they score a pretty nifty second goal, and the cameras panned the stadium, hardly anybody was jumping up and down cheering.

And of course, all the 'old people' like to reminisce of the former greats and wonder why the current team cannot seem to emulate Soh Chin Aun, Mokhtar Dahari, Arumugam, Santokh Singh (and god-forbid, Shebby Singh). Funny, if you think about it. People worship a team when they were great, and scorn a team when they are down.

Glory hunting, anyone?

But you know, this is even more appaling that being a glory hunter for Liverpool, Manyoo and even Chelsea. But the funniest thing of all.....everybody professes to HATE glory hunters. Yet, the same people are willing to support a British CLUB team through thick and thin - a team which they have no allegience to, but are unwilling to support THEIR OWN COUNTRY.


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