May 10, 2006

Where Are My Chickens???

Spurs sickened at the last

Yeah, I am sickened to death by them too. Why the need to go to a hotel for a LOCAL derby on the eve of the most important game in the club's history? So anyway, I was bugging Naz for the squirrel plush toy too much that I dreamt of it and you know what it whispered to me in my dream? That apparently, it was a PRIVATE function at the Marriott and the food were prepared under the supervision of the club's nutritionist. O_O "ooooOOoooo"

You know what? I BET they were quietly celebrating the birth of their chickens before the eggs hatch.

When Arsenal had almost 11 players injured, did they complain? No. You just deal with it. Scums.

Spurs request West Ham game to be replayed

In your freaking dreams!! You were lucky that Teddy Scummingham missed the penalty. Or else it would've been an uglier loss of 3-1.

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