May 08, 2006

On the Final Day of the Season....

Oops, too bad, Spurs. Sheringham tried his best, but even his 'missed' penalty against his old club couldn't help them get fourth. Henry made sure of that.

And pah, Stupid Charlton. Just rolled over and died. Oh well, third it is then.

So, finally here's how things are at the end of the season:

Champions League: Chelsea (Champions), Manure (2nd)
Champions League qualifiers: Liverpool (3rd), Arsenal (4th)
UEFA Cup: Spurs (5th in table, 1st in food poisoning), Blackburn (6th), West Ham (FA Cup Winner)
Relegation: Birmingham (18th), West Brom (19th), Sunderland (Worst ever team in the Premiership)

Oh, and Newcastle Comedy Club are in the Inter-Magnum4D.. oh sorry, Inter-Toto cup after Titus Bramble of all players scored a scissors kick goal against Chelsea.

And what's this? Ruud "Horse Face" Van Nistelrooy might be leaving Manure? What kind of bust-up did he have with Fergie? Was Fergie more interested in racing Van the Man-Horse at Ascot instead of playing him in the first team?

Oh, and Farewell to Highbury, the only EPL football stadium I've ever seen. haha.

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