May 28, 2006

Bah. MY Team lost.

Damn, maybe we SHOULD have been there at Bukit Jalil just now. Instead, I ended up just watching the game on TV. Oh well...

Not a bad game it was, actually. MY Team lost, unfortunately, after taking the lead in the first half through a cracker of a goal. But they lost in the second half to a 9-men Malaysian U20 team, tp two pretty decent freekick goals. But not without a fight though, they even hit the post in the dying minutes of the game. AND the man of the match was actually from MY Team as well.

So, all in all, a pretty decent showing by MY Team. And Malaysia? I'd have LOVED to see them lose, just to see the face of the players and the FAM guys. Oh well...

But damn, I would have LOVED to be at the stadium yelling REFEREE KAYU, because the referee WAS damn kayu.

Can anyone enlighten me on what the THREE red cards were for? (I missed the 1st half)

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