May 17, 2006

Sudah Insaf

I have been spending the last 3 days in a jungle and I just saw that the Scum are not too pleased with my post. But being in the jungle helps a bit because it clears your head you know.

Dear Scousers,

I am sorry to have mocked your club's acheivements. We all know that the FA Cup is such a very important trophy. I apologise for misconstruing Eyeris' remark of "West Ham didn't deserve to lose" as "Liverpool didn't deserve to win". I apologise for thinking that West Ham deserved to score since Liverpool fucked up their first two goals. I apologise for being all that sour graped because I thought it was a pretty good thing that Manyoo finished above Liverpool in the league yet again. Above all, I am sorry for YAWN-ing.

Dear Gooners,

I keep wondering how come all the Scousers seem to support you. I got a brainwave and figured that it reminds them of past glories. I mean, why do people support a team just because they are an English team? It's not like these people are English in the first place.

Till tomorrow,


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