December 07, 2005

Yes. More Scouser Boobies.


Yes, I am a scouser and I have boobies AND ....
..... I've managed to con my way into writing for Petaling Street Hooligans.

Here I will fluant my female rants about footie-ball (not the kind you do under the table at Chilis k!) and my abject, unreasonable adoration for my one and only LIVERPOOL FC who can do abso-fucking-lutely no wrong.

The great, all-seeing, slavemaster, Eyeris whom I will deign to obey as he wields the all-powerful blog-owner veto rights has commanded me to write a short introduction about myself and bitch about 5 players whom I don't like.

I am a bit pressed for time today as I need to rush off to work (again!) so I am just gonna do the introduction today. (Hey! I am even ignoring my own blog for this post!)

I'll do the bitching some other time. Maybe in parts ... so you can enjoy my bitchiness in quaint little installments. =P

So anyway, here I am. My name is Scorkes and yes, I have the dreaded curse of soccer fan-dom. Yes. You know what I am talking about. I am a girl.

Which for some reason, that, in the eyes of most people renders me incapable of being a true fan. To top it off, if I meet someone in a footie chatroom and they find out that I am female ... they make this conclusion:

Female + Passion for Soccer = BUTCH

Whatever la okay... I am with the Reds and I have boobs. Get over yourselves already. =)

Okay, enough crap about me. I've got to shoot off to work so I will be back with more Petaling Street Hooliganism in a bit!



Anonymous said...

There seems to be more and more female Liverpool fans nowadays.

I suppose no fertile young girl can resist the charm, charisma and good looks of the Liverpool legend that is Peter Crouch.

And if your fancy is gangsta bad boy instead, well there's our very own Djibril Cisse who dresses like a pimp daddy (honest, try and find the photo of his wedding!)

Yes, our star players are certainly far more attractive than a fat Scouser who eats too many pies and a katoey from Portugal. :)

Bex said...

Well some people are entranced by the illustrious history of Liverpool and the interesting characters (ie Bill Shankly) who have influenced football in general in so many ways ... and when you come to think of it, you can see how this influence is, in one way or another, evident in many other clubs now in terms of the tactics their managers employ, the way they play, etc. For me anyway, thats one of the reasons why I'm a Liverpool fan. Otherwise, I think it's unexplainable. If it feels right then it's right. (=

For other female fans, it could POSSIBLY be because we have a (too) nice chairman, and for the past few years our managers have always been (too) soft spoken (imo one reason why we've never managed to fulfill our full potential). Also, there aren't any players in our team who perpetually look like they WANT to get punched, not like it's their fault they were born looking like that though.

scorkes said...

kopite: halo. brader. i am not for liverpool cause they're good-looking la dei.

I think Beckham is good-looking but as a professional soccer player... bleh.

I am planning to bitch about him in a day or two.

I am with Liverpool cause I think we're the best. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Haiya, girl or boy, Livepool or Labuan FC, what's the difference man.

We all support teams for various reasons. We're not Englishman(and women) so of course we're more inclined to the top teams (although apart from the Champs League last year, Liverpool were pretty crappy, so can't really consider them top ;P)

Anonymous said...

The first comment was a joke! Thought you would have sussed it from the Peter Crouch comment. :P

By the way, Beckham is minging. "Oh look at me, I've got my mohawk, I'm a primadonna!" yech he makes me sick.

Best crosser of the ball in the world though.

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