December 18, 2005



One or two disallowed goals I can handle, but FOUR?


Liverpool had a CRAP first half, they made one bad defensive mistake in the first half, and they got punished for it. But with all the chances and disallowed goals in the second half, bloody SEVENTEEN corners, they SHOULD have bloody won.



(Ok, so there were only THREE disallowed goals... but BLOODY HELL. Oh well, at least we're still in the Champion's League... heh)


Anonymous said...

Stop consoling yourself. A lost is a lost.

Terence said...

Bloody... I can't help but think that the linesman might have sneakily put himself a bet on Sao Paolo. I mean... what's up with the constantly slo-mo and dubious flag decisions? At the end, it's just not our day... but heck, we really made the Brazillians sweat the whole match today.

Anonymous said...

Linesman kayu!!!!

OK, I think 2 of the 3 goals were right to be disallowed - but the 3rd??

Referee kayu!!!

Sao Paulo kayu!!!

FIFA kayu!!!!

Sepp Blatter big fat kayu!!!!

Unknown said...

Not Liverpool kayu?


Anonymous said...

tigerjoe kayu! :P

err.. wait... that gives rise to some bad mental images.. i take it back! i take it back!!!

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