December 07, 2005

Why Oh Why???

(I’m PMS-ing. Here’s how a PMS-ing girl writes a football post..yes boys, I'm gonna contaminate Hantu Bola with my foul mood)

I hate seeing poster boy Beckham everywhere including my own darn campus especially outside the girl’s toilet. I wonder if the girls fantasize about him in the cubicles coz they take so darn long doing their business, making me wait and wait. Imagine them getting a sudden turn off when they start having him speak in their fantasies.

I don’t like Cygan either. Don’t ask me why but the other day during the Bolton game, he looked a bit like a ‘special’ child (pardon me) playing football on the field. Which reminds me, did Gilberto made an accidental pass to the opponent or was I just imagining him as the player in my team who made the wrong pass in Pro Evo Soccer 5. Buzz off Gilberto. You're making the game worse for Arsenal.

Did Ronaldinho take Botox injection? Because he never seems to stop smiling in every match he plays. Maybe it was a Botox gone wrong and hence his facial muscles around the mouth area remained permanently stiff (which is why he looks so smiley every time)

I think Robbie Savage is one of the most hateable (for me) players as of today. He reminds me of the goalkeeper who plays futsal with Naz, who’s always sliding his damn feet when guarding his goal. Of course, Robbie Savage ain’t a keeper but well, they both are just so similar somehow (It’s the’s the attitude). Never mind, I don’t make much sense during PMS-ing periods. How can his supporters admire such an aggressive player like him? Oh, duh…they're his supporters..I forgot. What he does would always be admired by them. Bah!~

Now tell me, is Rafa gay? He looks like a gay from the Rock & Roll era no thanks to that picture posted by Tiger. I hate it when people always confuse Djimi TRAORE and Kolo TOURE…how oh how do you people do that? Just because they both have their last names ending with R-E. You blind fools!

And those people who only support the No.1 team every season should just lock themselves up in their wardrobe with the many team jerseys they have hidden in there. I bet they have, Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea…who’s next? What an all rounder supporter. I bet they're all fake jerseys coz it would cost too much to keep buying new team jerseys everytime a different team wins the league title.

I’m tired…I want to flame more players but I’ve got my limits too, so I’ll leave it for the next round of PMS.


Bex said...

What about Rooney? He's got such a round and punchable face...hehe.

Oh and it's easy to be happy and smiley all the time like Ronaldinho if you can play as well as he can!

vincent said...

dwight yorke also smiles all the time. i remember he got a ball smashed straight into his face once and he got up smiling after that.

Anonymous said...

Bex : Next round...we'll have more of this every month =P And welcome on board too =)

Vincent : I think the ball prolly smashed not just his face but maybe some nerves dat are connected to the muscles around his mouth which caused a smiling reflex from him

Anonymous said...

Btw, I notice the post says "Posted by Naz & S-kay".

Allow me to clarify that it was my GF, S-Kay who's PMS and not me.

Anonymous said...

Duh...I did mention, "He reminds me of the goalkeeper who plays futsal with Naz, who’s always sliding his damn feet when guarding his goal."

Why would I mention my own name if I'm Naz typing. Aparaa..shows that you DIDN'T READ THE POST PROPERLY!

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