December 16, 2005

Merry Xmas, Mr Crouch

This is the season for miracles, indeed.

Peter Crouch took God-knows-how-long to score this season, then had his first goal taken away, and now, not only does he score twice against Deportivo Saprissa, the Dubious Goals Panel have decided to give him that disputed first goal against Wigan.

So our lanky hero goes from zero to err... quattro.

BTW, in case no one noticed, today is the 10th anniversary of the biggest event in recent football history - the Bosman ruling. (And typically, UEFA still aren't happy with it.) Oh, how things have changed since then...


Announcement by Eyeris:

In case you're wondering why your comments don't appear and are tempted to post them again... DON'T.

It's another testing period at Hantu Bola. I turned on the 'Moderate Comments' option, just to see how much of a hassle it would be. hehe.

And Sashi, I have no idea why I always choose YOUR posts to make these announcements either. hahaha.


Nine3 Nine3 said...

The Dragon at last 'really' awake from the sleep.
Keep up The FIRE

Bex said...

Unfortunately, there is bad news for Rafa. His dad just passed away and he might not be there on the night of the final. =(

RIP Benitez Senior.

scorkes said...

Comment moderation? eeeiii.. lecehnye. Let them swear la.

Terence said...

Standing tall in the land of the rising sun... Go Crouch!!! On the piece of sad news... my heart goes out to Rafa's family. YNWA.

Unknown said...

typical scouse reaction... the feller baru score a couple of goals, straight away every scouser and his hamster think Crouch is king of the world. *phbbbttt*

vincent said...

tigerjoe : Haha i remember the same with houllier...they hated him then they loved him and then they hated him again

Anonymous said...

it's the media, i tell ya! THE MEDIA!!

actually, re: houllier, the supporters didn't hate him. the real ones, anyway. the ones who call in on British talk-radio on the other hand, well, we all know what kind of "supporters" they are - the same ones calling for fergie to be sacked.

it's funny though, real supporters don't say a lot in public, the fake ones rant a lot. you can tell a fake supporter by the way they have practically nothing positive to say about "their" team.

you know, someone should actually blog this.

Bex said...

Why don't you do it later?

I hate the official Liverpool forum, there are LOTS of irritating KIDS spouting nonsense all the time. Like when we lose a game, they'll go "RAFA OUT!" Rafa out, your head lar. Stupid kids who know nothing about football! Then if Crouch plays badly it's "CROUCH OUT!"

And these people have driven away all the REAL supporters who used to write such nice posts...stories all th e way back from the 20s and great analysis and all that. So sad.

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