December 14, 2005

sexy football

Before the rise of the Roman Empire; when Arsene Wenger was still coaching in Japan and David Beckham was still single, Chelsea FC were one of the very first cosmopolitan football clubs in the English Premier League. We played sexy football back then, and even if it didn't always win us matches the entertainment value was top class.

I present for your viewing pleasure a selection of goals from the sexy football era. All gems by Gullit, Petrescu, Wise, Di Matteo, Poyet, Zola et al. The video clip is 26 Mb (about 8 minutes long); let it finish loading before you sit back and enjoy.

You can also watch the same video clip here.

These days, Chelsea FC play effective football which can't really be compared to the style of the mid and late 90s. Then again, who needs sexy when there are trophies to look forward to at the end of the season?

All your trophies are belong to us. *mwahahahahahaha*



vincent said...

Haahaha bugger why got so many gustavo poyet goals? He was a pretty awesome player though.

Another thing I noticed...there are 3 goals in the compilation from the 5-0 trashing on manyoo 2 seasons after the treble season. Boy did that give kick them up the ass. Twas good tho...Taibi never touched a ball for us again

lishun said...

*grrrowl* lol. no, not directed at you, vincent. =P