December 26, 2005

2005: A Funny Year

It's almost the end of the year, and I figured do a litle review of the football year here.

Of course, since I'm a Liverpool fan, I'm going to completely disregard all the good things that happened to Manchester United (as if there were any), and gloat a lot about a certain trophy going to Anfield, thanks largely to a goal that supposedly wasn't a goal but eventually was a goal that got us into the final.

Anyway, here goes. I will always remember 2005 for:
  • The Glazered-over eyes of MU supporters (BUAHAHA!)
  • Chelsea becoming the New Man U (Read: The club everyone loves to hate)
  • Gerrard's U-turn (YES!)
  • Owen's NU-turn (NOOOOOO!)
  • Keane's Tirade (BUAHAHA!)
  • Why football fans are IDIOTS (OUCH)
  • Beckham getting a red card because of his looks (AAAA... HAHAHAHAHA!)
  • England losing to Northern Ireland. (GYAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)
  • Manure going out of the first round of the this year's season of....
  • THIS:

As you can see, 2005 had a lot of happy and gleeful moments for Liverpool fans like me. Will add more if I think of more. Until then, I shall hereby sign off the way the Christmas cards from Anfield allegedly went...

Happy New Year yer all, from the Champion's League Winners for 2004/2005!!!!!



scorkes said...

Tee Hee! =)

Anonymous said...

You are even FUNNIER.

vincent said...


Unknown said...

you are most welcome to keep that broken cup.

we wants a new one for ourselves.


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