December 27, 2005

Lucky Bastards

Chelsea are probably the luckiest bastards in the Premiership. They aren't playing good football but they are winning. As much as I hate those stupid scousers (and their fans) at least they are playing ok.


Their top scorer is a midfielder who scores from deflections. That is beyond fucked up. He plays EVERY game and never gets injured. That's luck. He shoots with the same power as Scholes and Gerrard, but somehow his shots ALWAYS get deflected in. While Scholes and Gerrard scored good goals over the weekend, Lampard scored via a deflection. AGAIN.

And their stupid captain? He's a young bloke who looks like he's 45 with all his wrinkles. He managed to pull off a magnificent save in the box AGAIN and didn't get a penalty awarded against him. AGAIN. Fuck this shit. Those two were the best saves by a defender since Henchoz saved Liverpool's ass against Arsenal in the FA Cup final a few years ago.

And the most overhyped overrated piece of shit that is Joe Cole? Which cock brained footballer makes a tackle like that in the box? Oh yeah. Phil Neville in Euro 2000. He subsequently became public enemy number 1 after that. The press made a mockery of him. And now? Joe Cole is the NEW GOD. Chelsea's best player apparently.


On another unrelated matter, the press have been going on for the last few weeks on how Manyoo were too dependant on Van Nistelrooy and Rooney. Yesterday's game ought to have taught them a few lessons.

Park Ji Sung is going to be a God.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

As much as I hate ManUre (and their fans), I hate Chelsea more.

eyeris said...

i was wondering how long it would take you to hantam Lampard's deflected goal yesterday. haha

anthraxxxx said...

Motherfucker my blood was boiling when Crespo scored the last goal. It boils even further when that cibai John Terry impersonates Peter Shilton and 'saved' that shot from going in.

Oh Park Ji Sung is so going to be a God. I am worshipping him already.

tigerjoe said...

Bro, a month ago you said Joe Cole was the one who's goals are all deflections. You got new flavour of the month izit? ROFL

Luck or otherwise, it is the mark of a champion that the team can win by a goal (or two) when we play badly. of course, when we play well we win 4-1. Away.

Doesn't it suck when your team wins and wins and wins its games, but are still 9 points behind in the league?

Chris said...

luck or not...i dun give a fucking damn.

look at the fucking table. we're 9 point ahead of u

KY said...

call urself a football fan and u can't even view games objectively but rather blast an entire team. such amatures.

eyeris said...

tigerjoe: actually, he's always been saying that lampard's the one with the deflections....

vincent said...

yahler...i never said joe cole was the one with deflections. has always been that idiot lam-par

vincent said...

Fact 1 : Jose thinks his team can do no wrong.

Fact 2 : Wenger is myopic.

Fact 3 : Fergie think the press is against him.

Fact 4 : We all know that they don't really believe all that and yet they say it, leaving themselves open to critisism everytime.


Football is about passion you goddamn fucking noobs. If you want to be objective, go be a football journalist (although I suspect most of their articles are passion driven).

It is for that reason Liverpool and Manyoo hate each other to the core. There is no objectivity. There is no rationality.

Shut the fuck up already.

anthraxxxx said...

In football right, ada hate or ada love baru syok mah. Hence I believe PASSION is the main reason that leads to the creation of this wonderful blog. If we view everything objectively in football, where will all the fun go?

Oh by the way, anybody here plays Football Manager 2006?

sashi said...

anthraxxxx: Apasal so many x ah? Anyway, I'm still gettiing around FM2005 - not ready yet for 2006 ;)

Chris said...

FM 2006 rocks !!

anthraxxxx said...

Sashi: Hehehe FM 2006 is TEH fun! Anyway banyak X(s) because i have deep fascination for the alphabet X. I wanted to put 3 x(s) punya but somebody took the nick already. So have to settle for 4 X(s).

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