March 08, 2006

time to slaughter chickens

UPDATE: Fuck. Getting a princess to wear a Barca jersey didn't work. Perhaps I should have bought ori, instead of some Petaling Street knock-off. Macam sial.

Chelsea need to score at least two goals and win the match at Nou Camp tonight.

Historical statistics are against the Blues, but then again history means nothing. This is the Champions League after all, and champions don't win titles solely on the basis of history. Just ask ManYoo and Arsenal if history has helped any of those teams.

Still, tonight is going to be a big ask for Chelsea. Prayers alone might not be sufficient. I'm thinking of slaughtering three chickens before kick-off later. One for each goal that Chelsea need, plus a third for more luck. If there's time, I'll make a voodoo doll of Ronaldinho. Perhaps Eyeris will donate a recently pulled tooth, so that I can make the doll more realistic.

Still can't find a Barca fan based in KL though.



What do you think Robbo is trying to tell Mourinho in this photo?

Perhaps Robbo is doing his impression of Ronaldinho, just to remind Jose that Chelsea have a match in midweek. *phbbbttt*

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