March 07, 2006

It's Hot Bloody Football Outside

Ok, I'm gonna rant today because the weather is hot and watching people play football when you're sweating like you've never sweat before is NO FUN. Read N-O F-U-N. Imagine watching your favourite team score and the man in front of you suddenly flings his arms back and all his sweat drops end up flying into your mouth while you shout, "Yay!!!" with your mouth wide open (obviously). Bugger.

p/s : No, I didn't watch football in the afternoon heat (I'm not insane) but it reminded me of Malaysia Cup 2005 (I enjoyed being there, so shut up). Btw, a Malaysian company is in charged of making the seats for Arsenal's new stadium. If only Naz can make them his customer and psycho them into giving us free tickets to any of the games (if they actually have free tickets).

This week, I'm gonna stay up to watch Chelsea play (so they can lose) and Arsenal (so they WILL win). I wonder if dear Joe Rodrigo shagged anyone supporting the opposing team already.

Real Madrid buying Fab-the-Fab? Bodoh sial. Lame tactic to psycho people before the coming match.

This is lame. What a pointless post. Naz thinks that I'm mad.

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