March 17, 2006

Kalau Pool Kayu, Toon itu apa?

I have to say that to hear 'Liverpool Kayu' from a TOON fan, who supports a team that:
  • have won fuck all in the past few decades
  • have changed managers more often than David Beckham has changed hairstyles
  • Don't even have a proper manager right now
  • have first choice defenders called Boumsong and Titus Bramble
  • Have more street fighting thugs on the team than Blackburn
really made me chuckle. Ok, guffawed. Just a little bit.

Oh wait, we're playing the Comedy Club at St Jame's Parking Lot this weekend? Wow. Let's not make fun of the Toon. In case St. Owen scores against us. Oh wait, he's injured. Doo di doo...

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