March 22, 2006

fook that shite

I couldn't sleep last night, so I thought perhaps I'd stay up and watch the Scousers lose to a resurgent Birmingham City FC.

I made a whole pot of coffee whilst Paul Masefield and Andrew Leci were going through the pre-match stuff. I sat down just as the buggers kicked-off. The match was over by the fifth minute, as I was taking my first sip of coffee. Fook that shite.

Birmingham played like a bunch of girls last night. Although I have to say I've seen girls who are tougher than last night's Birmingham line-up. I mean, how bad does it get when the biggest poofter on Merseyside can outmuscle a bigger-sized defender to score Liverpool's third?

Fook that shite. I demand to know why Birmingham are in the premiership.


I just found out who will officiate tonight's quarter-final at Stamford Bridge. Care to take a guess?

None other than the one and only Steve "Fooking" Bennett. Fook that shite.


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