March 19, 2006

So.... Kalau Pool Kayu, Toon itu apa? (Part Two)

After my last post where Antyyk took a poke at Liverpool and I bit back, this was what Tigerjoe commented:

Apparently some people aren't too concerned with karma biting them in the backside.I'll have a go at the Toon after the 22nd of this month. :P

Dude, I say, by all means, have a go at them now. Heh. Though to be fair, you are right. karma does suck.

After all, when someone decides to have a cheap shot like THIS:

Liberbull 5 - Full of Ham 1, Wah lau! World ending issit? God-with-a-nose-plaster-thingy scored. Fecking kayu Crouchy scored (though he cheated a bit). Mou-lun-entes scored! Okay, I can't resist. I have to say it: LIVERPOOL KAYU!!!

and his team ends up being on the wrong end of a 3-1 AT HOME; the ever-reliable funnyman Boumsong gets a bright little red cardboard award for Best Comedy Defending Routine; and their team captain tries to raise a few chuckles in the end with his lawak-dua-puluh-sen of trying to punch a hole through a defensive wall by running headlong into it... well, you really have to say that karma REALLY DOES SUCK.

BUAHAHA! Scoring crisis? What scoring crisis? Even that bloody useless CISSE got on the scoresheet, for gods sake! It really is the end of the world!!

So, as it is, I'm still waiting for an answer to this question:


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