March 02, 2006

Rafa and The Judge: French writer makes audacious claim

I was alerted today to this piece of news on KopTalk by fellow LFC supporter TenaciousT:

Liverpool destroying Cisse's career for financial gain

Speaking on France Bleu this week, Jean-Jacques Florent suggested that Djibril Cisse wasn't figuring at Anfield because if he exceeds a set number of appearances, a payment clause relating to his transfer from Auxerre would be triggered.

Florent said: "It is not good how Liverpool are destroying this man. It is money, that is the cause and Auxerre do not want to be ignored.

"His coach maybe does not like what he can do or feels he can not play him because of certain conditions.

"Cisse will leave Liverpool at the end of the championship (season)."

I agree with that last line, but the rest of it sounds very wishy-washy.
However, I'd want to see a swift rebuttal and the threat of a lawsuit to come from Liverpool FC if they want this story shot down, otherwise we the fans would probably be having some "hmm, i wonder..." thoughts.

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