March 02, 2006

Everybody HATES Chelski

OK, maybe not everybody...

...just the vast majority of football supporters... including, apparently, some die-hard Chelsea supporters themselves.

Self-loathing strikes the King's Road Loadsamoneys

At least, Chelsea self-haters won't find themselves short of fellow flagellators. Last week Barcelona's Lionel Messi said: "There are players here who hate Chelsea more than Real Madrid." More than Real Madrid! Now that is going some. The reaction to last week's defeat against Barcelona was astonishing. It felt as if England had beaten Germany; as if Barcelona were both local club and underdog. Why? Because it was a victory for vision and adventure, a defeat for cynicism and conservatism.

Yes, it's OK to hate Chelsea - not that we needed any reason to in the first place...

Although, having said that, MU will always hold a special place in all scousers' hate-list. Now that's an honour not even Chelsea can buy... heh.

Time to steal some hubcaps. I feel a hankerin' for a Benz today...

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