March 27, 2006

mister k

I recall posting this in the comments section:

March 9, 2006: 1.53 pm- Karma smarma. All a bunch of hooey.

I am now contrite and humble. Cowed by karma. Beaten, kicked, spat upon... On the receiving end of an atomic wedgie by mister k. I am sorry sir, please accept my most sincere and humble apologies [falls prostrate on floor includes a pinch of grovelling as well + a small whimper]. I will never mock you again.

Take a look at the Toon's latest results:

Manure 2 : Toon 0 (March12, 2006)
Toon 1: Hub Cap Stealers 3 (March 19, 2006)
Special One's Divers 1: Toon 0 (March 22, 2006)
Charlton 3: Toon 1 (March 26, 2006)

*&#%@^#&. Will it never end? Sigh. Please la, I beg you la. Show a little sympathy la mister k. I will burn you some char siew and siew yuk if you decide to stop punishing us la. Bak kut teh also can, if you want.

Mister k's punishing is not confined to the results alone. Sigh. Damn vicious fella man, mister k. Michael Owen also 'ng fong ko' (translation: tidak lepas).

He costs us a lot of money, okay. Sitting on his hugely expensive ass and twidling his thumbs. GBP17 million can buy a lot of strikers from Malaysia and Indonesia. Hell, we can buy all the strikers in the Malaysian Super League and have change to spare for bungs.

The Hub Cap Stealers can have him back. I am sick of his metatarsal and England hopes. How does him farting around in a white and red jersey benefit us? I think this is mister k's work again. Must be payback for selling Jonathan Woodgate to Real.

I will never mock mister k, ever again. If the Toon wins this weekend, I'll buy you a drink. Deal mister k?

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