March 07, 2006

The Hantu Bola Files (a.k.a. Hantu Bola Wants You!)

If you've been following this blog for the past week, you'll have noticed two new names in the list of contributers in the sidebar.

Yup, welcome Simon (of fame), who is our second Gooner contributer; and Anttyk (, the first NEWCASTLE COMEDY CLUB contributer on the blog. Give them a warm welcome, folks!

Ok, now that the newest members have been introduced, and with the team growing bigger and bigger, I reckon a reintroduction of the contributers is in order. You know, just to give first-comers a catch-up lesson, and a chance for us to whore our blogs a bit (after all, this blog gets more hits than my personal one! dammit).

Here we go then...


The Head Hantus:

Allegience: Manchester United
Description: Token obnoxious Man Utd fan. Blessed with the ability to piss more people off than the rest of us combined. Probably one of our best writer of insults. After all, what's a football blog without a few choice insults every now and then?

Allegience: Chelsea
Description: Resident Smug Chelsea Fan. Prays a lot, and always asks the rest of us out to watch football with him in some pub just so he can gloat when Chelsea win again. Shags fans of opposing team for luck.

Allegience: Liverpool
Description: Me. Add token Liverpool fan joke here.

Allegience: Liverpool
Description: If you look closely at the list in the sidebar, you'll see this mystery dude's name in there. Now, who is this mysterious 'Kakibangku'? He has not had ONE post in the blog at all! Well, the only reason why we haven't kicked kakibangku out of the blog yet is because it was HIS idea to start this blog in the first place, after a chance conversation some time back.

So you could say that his place in the list is sort of.. er... 'Honorary'. Sorta like how a certain minister got to stay in his post because he was the president of a certain party, and not because he did anything useful.


The Hantu-hantu

Allegience: Liverpool
Description: One of our earliest and most active contributers. For some reason or another, I always seem to end up adding footnotes to his posts, most of the time ones that are completely irrelevant to the post in the first place.

S-Kay & Naz
Allegience: Arsenal
Description: Our only double team in the list, and for a while, our ONLY Arsenal-supporting contributers. S-Kay's a blogger, Naz is her.. er.. Gunner Partner. S-Kay recently took a hiatus from her OWN blog though (Yeah, supporting non-issues can have that effect on you), but hopefully that doesn't include THIS blog...

Allegience: Liverpool
Description: SCORKES. Yes Scorkes. Don't ask me what it means. Go ask her. One of TWO (yes, TWO) female Liverpool supporters in the list. Bellydances too!

Allegience: Liverpool
Description: The only member who was initially rejected, but accepted later. I made the call because I liked her letter to Michael Owen. No, the fact that she's ANOTHER Liverpool fan AND she's a girl did not affect the decision...

Allegience: Arsenal
Description: Well-known blogger who unfortunately supports a non-issue. The Gunners had their day in the sun, bro. Time to move aside, dude...

Allegience: Newcastle United
Description: I have to admit. We added Antyyk because we wanted someone from Newcastle Comedy Club to make fun of. When tigerjoe gave him the initiation test and told him to make it as funny and hardcore as possible, he came up with an SPM karangan instead. Was given a second chance to resit the er... exam, and passed.


Now that you know eveyrone (well, sort of), do YOU want to be part of the team?

The truth is, we're not setting a limit to how many people can contribute to the blog. After all, we operate on the policy that the more people the merrier.

Of course, because we already have so many Liverpool supporters in the team, we'd prefer not to add anymore Liverpool contributers (unless you can PROVE that we'd be damn fools NOT to add you into the team).

Vince is currently outnumbered, and needs more Man United supporters to back him up when we gang up on him. Tigerjoe may be the sole Chelsea supporter right now, but since he seems to be doing fine on his own, we'll leave THAT ship alone (though Chelsea fans are still welcomed to apply).

To apply, follow these steps:

1) email either me, Vincent or Tigerjoe

2) In that email, state your name, blog, and allegience

3) Once we get your email, one of us will email you an 'initiation test' to see how hardcore a fan you are, how well or funny you write, to test your football knowledge, and in the case of girls, to see if you're not watching football just because of the cute guys.

4) Answer the test best as you can. ANYTHING goes, and remember, the LAST thing we need is a serious answer choke full with FACTS, STATS, HISTORY yada yada yada. We want FANS, we want REFEREE KAYU chants, CUSSES, and INSULTS. It's not a SERIOUS football blog, folks.

5) once we get your test, the three of us will vote American Idol-like, to see if you passed. In some cases, we might give yo ua second chance.

Strict or not? Well, that's the whole FUN of it all. it's not supposed to be SERIOUS. it's supposed to be FUN. Way I see it, if you're thinking too much while posting on this blog, you might as well go blog in your own site, right?

Oh, and we also welcome supportters of clubs OUTSIDE the EPL.

So what ya waiting for? Hantu Bola wants YOU!

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