March 25, 2006

I'm so ashamed that I'll go support Forest Green instead...

I feel so ashamed of myself.

We got this sobering comment in the last post:

Dude, u guys blog great, without questions, but can u guys play ball as good as u blog? And I mean football, not that fucking goddamn futsal. Or are u guys just geeks behind the screen. I wanna know. U guys think its so easy. And if u guys think u're pundits, sorry but this is just a big fan blog with crazy major club fans who thinks its so goddamn easy. I don't see a Dags & Reds fan in the bloggers. Maybe it's still about the fame. And don't mock any professional personnels. try taking their place. Think about it. Nerds.

And it made us cry.


Because it's true.

  • We should never have passed ourselves off as a 'serious football blog'.
  • We should never have thought of giving 'serious football punditry'.
  • We should not have made fun of Shebby Singh.
  • We should have payed more attention to the football lessons during our Pendidikan Jasmani classes and not go play futsal instead.
  • We should have thought of all the shit professional personnels (sic) go through deciding what to do with their money.
  • We shouldn't spend so much time in front of the computer becoming nerds and should have GONE AND PLAY SOME FOOTBALL GODAMMIT.
  • We should be geeks IN FRONT of the screen, not BEHIND it
  • We should all go and support Kettering Town and Boston United instead, Liverpool and Man Utd be damned.

I'm sorry to all those who came here looking for professional football punditry and wound up being disappointed by our crazed fanboy chants, fame-fueled ranting, over-enthusiastic REFEREE KAYU cusses, and inane mamak talk.

My fellow Hantu Bola, we should not be like that. We must change ourselves!!!!!

After all, if we want to be taken seriously, we shouldn't be
  • using all that foul language
  • yelling REFEREE KAYU all the time
  • posting stupid pictures
  • making fun of Peter Crouch and Boumsong
  • Takign cheap shots at one another
  • writing junk that we usually talk about in the mamak stall
  • having fun BLOGGING (oh my!)
  • Watching too much football
  • playing fucking FUTSAL instead of playing FOOTBALL

Only IF we wanted to be taken seriously, that is...

Now, where's my Forest Green jersey?


In other news....

Wow, winning 3-1 even with ten men for most of the match. Scoring 18 goals in 4 matches. I'm so ashamed of supporting Liverpool right now.

Damn that Stevie G red card. Alonso was brilliant though.

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