March 08, 2006

I've been smacked ...

.... by eyeris on my blog for not updating on Hantu Bola often enough. Actually, it's not because I don't want to but hot damn, most of the peeps on this blog got Astro and what shit. Probably has the computer on while watching footie. By the time I want to blog about something, someone's beaten me to it. WTF.

Somebody found out the hard way that where Liverpool is concerned, we do no wrong. By no wrong, I mean:


I don't care how much you think your issues are worthy for whatever reason. Liverpool is the pwn. So don't argue with me. Period.

*More so if I am about to have MY period*

So don't come bitch to me about how you think that Peter Crouch sucks. Or how you don't like Traore. Everyone have off days. Whatever it is, our worst players are still better then whoever you think kicks ass on your team.

Stop browbeating the scousers. We rock. So there.

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