April 07, 2006

HantuBola Gathering

Are you hoping that the Mancs chase down Chelsea for the title? Are you keen to see Arsenal pip Shebby's favourite team to fourth place in the Premiership? Do you want to see a drunk bald guy try to charm the pants off a waitress (before being told to fook off)?

Then come on over to the HantuBola gathering this weekend!

Date: Sunday, 9th Apr 2006
Venue: Souled Out @ Sri Hartamas, KL
Kick-Off: 11.00 pm

Scousers may want to show up a little bit earlier and watch your team lose at home to the Bolton Veterans. I know I'm going to be there to laugh at the Mancs and Gooners as they kick the green goo out of each other before drawing 1-1.
UPDATE: Due to the coolness of Souled Out management, a bottle of absolut will be attending the gathering. I'm under the impression that a bottle of whisky will also magically appear at the table, if the genie indeed shows up with his bottle. Coke on the rocks is apparently available too.


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