April 23, 2006

just wondering

The majority of football fans (yes, you lot included, myself excluded of course) have surely got to be the dumbest people in the world. The aftermath of the game was not that it was a shitty game (it really was) or that Mourinho fucked up his tactics big time. People all seem to be complaining that Mourinho isn't a gracious loser.

Back in those days, you monkeys were complaining about Fergie being ungracious as well with him always insisting added time was insufficient, the pitch was lumpy, the referee was a dingbat and the opposition were enlisting the help of bomohs. And then came Monsiur Wenger who insisted that he never did see the foul and insisted that his team weren't monkeys after they assaulted Van Nistelrooy and also didn't see that his team threw pizza at Sir Red Face.

Is everybody pretending to be stupid or is everybody seriously stupid?

Managers talk shit all the time in front of the press. The all holy Gay Lord Benitez chose to visit Robben in the hospital the last time Chelsea and Liverpool played, even though Liverpool lost because they were shite on that day (just like Chelsea were shite yesterday) and not because Robben got chokeslammed by Reina.

Behind the scenes, in the dressing room or the training ground, these managers (Fergie, Wenger Mourinho) definately acknowledge in front of the players that they probably played badly and need to improve. Hence, they all became champions.

Stuffs they tell the press is no more than bullshit aimed to rile up rival teams and rival fans. Its a no brainer, but interestingly enough, they ALWAYS succeed.

On a sidenote, last nite's HantuBola thingyamingy was AWESOME. It was probably the funniest gathering we ever had mainly because for the first time ever, we had fans from all four big clubs (3 Liverpool, 3 Arsenal, and one each from the clubs that really matter - Manyoo and Chelsea) and we were taunting each other's club non-stop.

Now, one shouldn't misconstrue this as a blogger meet. It is FAR from that. Blogger meets have loads of people running around taking pictures of other people...and then they blog about it. There are no pictures of us awesome people (including 3 hot chickas) here, because we are all allergic to camera flash. If you want to see pictures of bloggers, some other people had a blog meet earlier that day. You can check out those blogs on PPS.

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