April 04, 2006

Kayu Commenters

I be the telling yous. I is getting very the fed up with peoples who post comments like the ones below here.

“... And don't mock any professional personnels. try taking their place.”

“... their profession is a tough one. They are always under the media spotlight.”

“... not easy for them. Pressure is enormous. Why don’t you try it and see if you can do it, eh?”

I wanting to be the smacking them upside the head for being so the very irritating and self righteous.

Boo hoo hoo. I being the crying tears of sympathy for these suffer, miserable, well paid and extremely rich young men. They is so being the kasihan comparing to the peoples in others countries like Ethiopia and Uganda who are starvings to deaths and has no jobs. The football playing poor sods are tortured, dragged kicking and to be the screaming each week to run around a very is the well manicured pitch to chase a round white (in most cases) ball. If they is the very lucky, they will managing to kick the bola inside a net and then they will be loved by everyone in the land of the England and Bolehland.

Ma chao hai. I also wanting to do that for living. But cannot. Because I having the chair for a leg. In fact both legs. Tiew.

So, what can I dos? Talking abouts this peoples when I eats and drinks at high class roadside haute couture restaurant with my friends! Cannot ah? This country being the free is it not?

When I seeing the doofus Boumsong run around the pitch like a fucking headless chicken, I will call him a cheebye headless chicken. If I watching the match and I seeing the namby pamby boy Beckham failing to score from a penalty spot, I will be calling Mr Posh Spice kayu! I don’t say untruths. I say fact from what I being the observing. Of course, my eyesight is not the perfect. So sometimes got mistake due to optical illusion or maybe some pretty ah lian walk by with damn chio short skirt – distracted a bit.

If these sissy football boys cannot bear being the called names, they should shoving off and play with their Barbie dolls instead.

Lame commenters kayu!

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