April 23, 2006

My Choice

I get asked this a lot:

"Why do you let such an idiotic sport affect your moods and your precious weekends? It's just a sport. Why invest all your energy and passion in this worthless pursuit?"

In most instances, I am too polite to retort. I just smirk and shrug my shoulders, whilst thinking in my mind, "fuck off you dull-witted twat."

In truth, I can't really say what it is that makes me love football so much. I refuse to concede to the bloody Yanks and call it soccer. It's football okay, you dumb cowboys. Back to my ranting. Sure, I have been playing the game since I was a wee lad of 7. But does playing the game all these years actually programme me to 'enjoy and love' the game?

I used to be crazy over a collectible card game - Magic: The Gathering. I spent thousands of ringgit on that game, buying cards, trading, going for competitions. Look what has happened now? The cards are sitting on my bookshelf, gathering dust.

My point is that nothing in this worlds has ever captured my interest so wholly and completely and for soooooo looooooong.

Then, tonight, as I was watching the Toon thrash poor Captain Marvel's team, it hit me.

It really did.

I love football because I choose to. I made a conscious choice to love it. I love the skills, the unpredictability, the passion, the camaraderie. Most of all, I love the beauty of the game.

Football truly is beautiful. It gives us an avenue to escape the harshness and ugliness of human existence. Life is hard, cruel and unpretty. Thank God we have football. Heaven better have pitches up there.

I choose to love football. It's my choice.


Yay! The Toon 3 : Brom 0

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