April 30, 2006

Vincent can see the future!!!!!

Vincent once boldly predicted that:

Chelsea will lead the table going into the final game of the season

WOW! He got that SOOOO right! Is Vincent actually a seer? A fortune teller? CAn he see the future?

Well, I wouldn't start making those calls to him to ask for 4D numbers just yet, because he made that prediction along with these:

  • Chelsea will drop points either against Bolton or Blackburn. (Bolton 0 - 2 Chelsea. Though true, they just might drop points against Blackburn...)
  • But in... Alan Shearer's final game ever, he will give a footballing lesson to Chelsea's strikers on consistency.(Unfortunately, his final game was two weeks ago...)
  • Manyoo will go to Stamford Bridge and win. (Nuff' said)
But the most damning prediction of all?

I told you we were going to win the league.
(Didn't know we had two Chelsea fans in HB...)

Now, lets see if you can overcome losing that knackered bull-necked granny-necking redneck and win those last two games of yours, because if not, we'll take the second spot of yours, thank you very much.... :D

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